This project was funded by North West Development Agency and New East Manchester with support from the European Regeneration Development Fund and Manchester City Council.

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Mark Canning
Nick Putnam
Helen France
Ian Whittaker
From NEM
Eddie Smith
Lyn Fenton
Stefan Brzozowski
Tom Russell

A large number of extraordinary people have contributed in their own ways to both these projects and the remaking of this area. Although it is not possible to mention everyone, they are all in some way present in this work.

Making the Ancoats public realm, and the Peeps and Cutting Room projects:

The Plan
Lyn Fenton
Stefan Brzozowski
Martin Stockley and Stephen O’Malley
Paul Shirley Smith, Irina Brune and Robert Camlin
Dan Dubowitz
Devising the Peeps
Dan Wrightson
Pickle Ellison
Mary Wardle
Noel Sharkey
David Ralston
Dan Dubowitz
Making the Cutting Room and the Peeps
Pickle Ellison
Davy McCready
Mary Wardle
Pete Kerr
David Ralston
Andy Firman
Ivan Ellison
Andrew Scantlebury
Brian Caster
Simon Hopkins
Phil Bell
Dan Dubowitz

I was privileged to work at different stages of the development of the ideas for the Peeps with artist/architect Dan Wrightson, Professor of Artificial Intelligence Noel Sharkey and artists Mary Wardle, David Ralston and Michael Ellison. They each brought a different creative perspective to the debate and challenged and shaped the artwork as it unfolded.

Dan Dubowitz, 2010